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  • Cationic Polyacrylamide
    Cationic Polyacrylamide

    Cationic polyacrylamide (CPAM) is a water-soluble polymer polyelectrolyte, easily soluble in water, and insoluble in organic solvents such as ethanol and acetone. Its molecular chain has cationic groups and active adsorption groups. Through electrical neutralization and adsorption bridging, it reduces the zeta potential in water, destabilizes suspended particles and negatively charged water-soluble substances in the water, flocculates and forms larger Flocculant, the suspended matter is settled or floated up, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying water. It is suitable for wastewater treatment with high organic colloid content in

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  • Anionic Polyacrylamide
    Anionic Polyacrylamide

    Anionic polyacrylamide (APAM) is a copolymer of acrylamide and acrylate. It is a water-soluble linear polymer flocculant. It neutralizes the charge on the surface of suspended particles in water to promote particle flocculation, thereby destabilizing the particles in the water. The particles are adsorbed to each other under the bridging effect of the active gene of the polymer, and eventually form a larger floc. Mainly used for flocculation and sedimentation of various industrial wastewater, sedimentation and clarification treatment, such as wastewater treatment of steel plant wastewater, electroplating plant wastewater,

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  • Nonionic Polyacrylamide
    Nonionic Polyacrylamide

    The molecular chain of non-ionic polyacrylamide products contains a certain amount of polar genes that can adsorb solid particles suspended in water, so that large flocs are formed between the particles. It accelerates the sedimentation of particles in suspension, has a very obvious effect of accelerating the clarification of the solution, and promotes filtration. It is widely used in the treatment of chemical industrial wastewater and waste liquid, and municipal sewage treatment. Especially when the sewage is weakly acidic, this product is more suitable.

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  • Amphoteric Polyacrylamide
    Amphoteric Polyacrylamide

    Because zwitterionic polyacrylamide contains cationic groups and anionic groups in the molecule, it has the characteristics of general cationic flocculants and exhibits more excellent performance. This type of flocculant can be used in a wide range of PH values, with higher water filtration and lower cake water content, and can also be used for strong acid leaching of ores or recovery of valuable metals from metal-containing acid catalysts.

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  • Emulsion Polyacrylamide
    Emulsion Polyacrylamide

    Polyacrylamide emulsions are used in wastewater treatment, such as water flocculation and sedimentation, sludge dewatering and filtration, construction slurry treatment, petroleum industry, mineral production sewage treatment, and alumina wastewater disposal and treatment.

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Stable Quality
Stable Quality
Shouxin carries out strict supervision on raw material control, formula development, production process and incoming & outgoing of goods. No need to worry about production costs as other manufacturers do; Can always select and ship the qualified stable polyacrylamide to guarantee the constant quality stability.
Strong R & D
Strong R & D
Shouxin has been specializing in the development of polyacrylamide for end markets for more than 10 years. It works closely with university teams & research institutions and has developed more than 100 models, which has greatly reduced end customers' economic losses from improper model selection and has improved the final use effect as well as the production stability. Shouxin would also organize R&D team to customize polyacrylamide models for specific sewage and sludge.
Precise Model Selection
Precise Model Selection
Shouxin has developed more than 100 models specifically applicable to different industries in the end market. With the abundant models, the professtional technicians and the advanced selection instruments, Shouxin can help customers select models more precisely to reduce the amount of usage and improve the use effect to finally save costs.
Lower Costs
Lower Costs
Shouxin has developed more than 100 polyacrylamide models and price of them differs. With its professional technicians and advanced selection instruments, Shouxin can help customer select a suitable model with lower price to save cost. At the same time, selecting a precise model can reduce the amount of usage and finally reduce the costs.



  • Mining treatment

    Mining treatment

    Polyacrylamide is an important polymer compound, which has been widely used in mining field. Polyacrylamide can be used in flotation, precipitation, filtration and other processes, which can availably..

  • Oilfield Treatment

    Oilfield Treatment

    Polyacrylamide is a kind of water-soluble polymer compound which is widely used in oil field treatment. In oilfield development, polyacrylamide can be used in a variety of processes, such as formation..

  • Industrial wastewater treatment

    Industrial wastewater treatment

    Polyacrylamide is a kind of polymer compound which is commonly used as flocculant and precipitant in industrial wastewater treatment. Industrial sewage contains a lot of suspended solids and dissolved..

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Capitol Environmental Technology Advantages

Company strength
Capitel Environmental Technology is a company focusing on the integration of polyacrylamide supply chain resources, integrating products with good quality and competitive prices in the industry, and providing users with more cost-effective PAM.
Product quality
The company has established a sound quality management system, double inspection and full monitoring from product entry to warehouse delivery. At the same time, we will sample and select models according to your company's sewage conditions and needs to provide you with accurate model selection.
Product price
We integrate polyacrylamide with good quality and competitive price in the industry into our company. While purchasing in bulk to meet all the requirements of users, it also reduces the company's operating costs and directly transfers profits to consumers.
After-sales service
We have a complete pre-sales and after-sales technical service team to follow up the whole process, respond quickly, and solve all your problems during use.

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Guangdong Capitel Environmental Protection Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 and is a national brand service provider in the polyacrylamide supply chain. It integrates nearly 100 products in the industry. The company has five main product series of anionic, cationic, nonionic, zwitterionic and emulsion polyacrylamide, and has achieved remarkable achievements and customer recognition in the fields of water treatment, papermaking, mineral processing, oil field and so on. We are committed to helping customers find the right polyacrylamide, providing better results and lower prices.


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