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Emulsion Polyacrylamide

Emulsion Polyacrylamide
Product parameters

Product Name:Emulsion Polyacrylamide

Product Number:Emulsion

Appearance:Milky or colorless liquid

Packing Specification:1T / ton barrel

Application industry:Emulsion PAM has a wide range of applications in water treatment, sewage treatment, mineral processing, oil extraction, pulp and paper, textiles and building materials.

Product Details

As a new flocculant using the microemulsion process and, in polymerization, a special wall-breaking technology, emulsion polyacrylamide is characterized by high conversion ate and stability, multiple functions, quick dissolution, etc.

It can serve as a substitute for lime, aluminum salt or ferric salt. It has a neutral PH value and zero sludge increment. The sludge treated by it can be reused for composting, brick making, etc. The filtrate obtained after treatment by it is clear and the mud cakes obtained have low water contents, helping cut down the overall treatment cost.


AppearanceSolid contentViscosityPH valueDissolution time(min)
Milky or colorless liquid40%±23-6CP.S4-85-10


1. Excellent flocculation effect ,quick sedimentation and economical low dosage levels

2. High level of water clarification

3. Wide PH scope of application (2-14)

4. Marvelous sludge dewatering effects

5. Good compatibility with inorganic coagulant


1. Waste water flocculation and settling

2. Sludge dewatering and filtering

3. Construction mud treatment

4. Oil industry

5. Minerals selection and sewage disposal

6. Treatment in the aluminum oxide field

Storage and precautions

1. Non-toxic, easily soluble in water and easily moisture absorption to caking.

2. Splashes on hand and skin should be washed off with water immediately

3. Proper storage temperature is 5℃~40℃,should be stored in original packaging in cool and dry place

4. Premade solution of liquid polyacrylamide is not suitable for long storage. Its flocculating effect would decrease after 24 hours

5. Low-hardness water with neutral PH range 6-9 is suggested to dissolve polyacrylamide. Using underground water and recycled water would decrease the flocculating effect

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