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The main pollutants in brewery wastewater are alkaline detergents, pulp, dyes, pastes, residual wine and other impurities. It is characterized by high alkalinity, high temperature, high concentration of organic matter (CODCr content can reach more than 1100mg/L) and high difficulty in biochemical treatment. Polyacrylamide for winery wastewater treatment.

Wheat washing water, soaking wheat water, germination cooling spray water, wheat tank water, washing water, coagulum washing water in the malt production process; saccharification and filtering washing water in the saccharification process; fermentation tank washing and filtering washing water in the fermentation process; Bottle washing, sterilization and broken beer during canning; cooling water and washing water in finished product workshop; and part of domestic sewage.

This kind of wastewater treatment generally adopts aerobic treatment technology, such as activated sludge method, high-load biological filtration method and contact oxidation method. In recent years, SBR and oxidation ditch treatment processes have been widely used. Polyacrylamide for winery wastewater treatment

From the current case, it can be understood that the flocculant used in the general brewery generally uses high ionic polyacrylamide, and the molecular weight requirement is more than 9 million. The effect is relatively prominent, the amount of medicine used is relatively low, and the cost is relatively low. The cake moisture content is also relatively low.


1. Dissolve: use a non-ferrous container. With water temperature below 60℃, sprinkle the polyacrylamide flocculant slowly and evenly in the container while putting the water, so that the polyacrylamide flocculant is fully stirred with the water in the container, and it can be used after continuous stirring for 50-60 minutes. , The linear speed of the stirring blade depends on the container.

2. Adding: Dilute the dissolved polyacrylamide flocculant with clean water, and use a concentration of 0.02-0.2%. Use a valve to control the flow and add it to the slime water evenly. (It can also be directly prepared with a concentration of 0.02-0.2 % Between the solution).

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