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Warmly Celebrate the Cooperation Between Our Company and Chongqing University to Write a New Chapter in R&D

On June 17, Guangdong Shouxin Environmental Protection Materials Technology Co., Ltd and Chongqing University successfully held a signing and awarding ceremony of school- enterprise cooperation.


Signing Ceremony

In the morning, Professor Zheng Huaili from Chongqing University visited our company to attend the ceremony and carry out technical cooperation and exchange about polyacrylamide. Chairman Liu Zongtang warmly welcomed Professor Zheng Huaili to our company. He pointed out that Shouxin Environmental Protection Company focuses on strengthening the basic research of polyacrylamide, solving key technical problems from the source and bottom, dedicating itself to developing high-quality and stable products, assisting in consolidating the foundation of technological self-reliance and self-improvement, actively promoting key core technology breakthroughs, and deepening the integration of industry, academia, research and application. Shouxin Environmental Protection Company focuses on the polyacrylamide track, and it is our unshirkable responsibility to meet the needs of different fields of polyacrylamide in R&D. Shouxin Environmental Protection Company closely cooperates with Chongqing University, empowers each other, and looks forward to promoting the cooperation of polyacrylamide to a new level.


Meeting Group Photo

Professor Zheng Huaili is an expert of the School of Environment and Ecology of Chongqing University and also an expert of the State Council's government special allowance. His research areas include water treatment chemicals and water treatment, municipal engineering (water supply and drainage environmental science and engineering), environmental science and engineering, etc. Professor Zheng has published works such as Biological Flocculants and Flocculation Technology and co-published books such as Polyacrylamide Flocculants and Flocculation Science. He has also participated in the development of national standards for polyacrylamide GB/T 17514-2017 and GB/T 31246-2014. Professor Zheng Huaili has extensive research experience and profound academic achievements in many fields. Professor Zheng's authority and professional knowledge will provide valuable guidance for Shouxin Environmental Protection Company . This exchange can serve as a new beginning for further in-depth cooperation between the two sides.


Book and Preface to International Rules


Introducing the Quality Supervision Process

This time, Professor Zheng Huaili focused on inspecting the construction of Shouxin Environmental Protection Company’s CNAS laboratory, gaining a detailed understanding of the basic research and technological progress of polyacrylamide, and providing communication and guidance. Professor Zheng Huaili highly recognized and affirmed our company's research strength, quality supervision process control, international marketing concept, and professional technical services in polyacrylamide. He also pointed out that in the innovation of the polyacrylamide industry, our company's business model has led the new trend of the industry model, effectively ensuring the stability of polyacrylamide quality. Through Professor Zheng Huaili's professional guidance and communication, both parties will jointly carry out research and application of cutting-edge polyacrylamide technology.



Technical Exchange Guidance

Technological innovation and R&D are key to enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises, and Shouxin Environmental Protection Company has also been strengthening scientific and technological cooperation with universities and research institutions. The purpose of this technical exchange is to further strengthen the cooperation with Chongqing University. The two sides will jointly carry out the research and application of the cutting-edge technology of polyacrylamide, and actively promote key core technology research and deepen the integration of industry, academia, research and application.

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