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Mechanism of Polyacrylamide for Oilfield Industry

Polyacrylamide is often used as a treatment agent in the process of water injection, sedimentation and filtration in the oilfield industry. Its action mechanism mainly involves the following aspects:

1. Increase the liquid viscosity: Polyacrylamide can combine with ions in water to form a layer of polymer film, thus increasing the viscosity of water. This increase in viscosity makes it easier to fill small pores and fractures when water is injected into the reservoir, thus improving the oil recovery of the reservoir.

2. Improve filtration effect: filter is often used to remove impurities such as suspended particles and impurities in oil fields. Polyacrylamide can form a network structure on the filter, which can trap particles and impurities inside, thus improving filtration effect.

3. Precipitation: Polyacrylamide can combine with trace impurities in oil to form sediment, thus separating these impurities from oil. This separation can improve the quality of oil and reduce the difficulty of subsequent treatment.

4. Stable lotion: In oil wells, oil and water often form lotion, which makes oil recovery very difficult. Polyacrylamide can form polymer in water phase, stabilize lotion and prevent mixing of water and oil, thus improving oil recovery.

In a word, polyacrylamide has a broad application prospect in oilfield industry. Its mechanism involves improving liquid viscosity, filtering effect, precipitation and stabilizing lotion, and can effectively improve oilfield production efficiency and oil quality.

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