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Congratulations! Shouxin and South China University of Technology carried out university-enterprise cooperation to develop better polyacrylamide products

As we all know, scientific and technological innovation is the driving force of enterprise development, and the development of a company highly relies on technological innovation. Only continuous innovation and R & D can create new products, so strengthening the research and development cooperation between enterprises and universities can better drive the development of enterprises and effectively improve the technical level and innovation ability of enterprises themselves.

Recently, Shouxin carried out university-enterprise cooperation with South China University of Technology to deepen cooperation in polyacrylamide industry to develop better products.


  Located in Guangzhou, directly under the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, South China University of Technology is a national key university jointly built by the Ministry of Education and the People's Government of Guangdong Province. It is ranked among the national "Double First-Class", "Project 211" and "Project 985".


  South China University of Technology is a demonstration base of Ministry of Education for studying in China.

It is one of the first batch of "university scientific and technological achievements transformation and technology transfer bases". It is also the first batch of doctoral and master degree granting units in China, and one of the first batch of universities to be established as "school of future technology".



  The SCUT motto is "Study Extensively; Reflect Carefully; Discriminate Clearly; Practice Earnestly", which reflects the unity of knowing and doing, cognition and behavior. Shouxin has same operation philosophy of combining knowing and doing as one. Our goal is not only to create a top-ranking company in the polyacrylamide chemical industry to sell first-class products, but also to create advanced integrity values. We believe that schools and enterprises with same values will be more likely to achieve success when working together.


  In this cooperation, both sides will concentrate in the polyacrylamide section and play their respective resource advantages together to promote technological innovation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, to achieve the mutual integration between scientific personnel and market, technical achievements and enterprises, and to finally realize the win-win cooperation between the university and enterprise.

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