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Post-1985s professor help Shouxin Environmental Research and development innovation upgrade

On July 18, Shouxin environmental Company was honored to welcome a visit from Anhui University of Technology Professor Jiangya Mas team. As a representative of the Anhui University of Technology, Professor Ma was invited to attend the signing ceremony and exchange of technical guidance.


For the arrival of Professor Ma team, chairman Zongtang Liu kindly received and expressed his sincere welcome.He pointed out that as the world continues to pay attention to environmental issues, there is a growing demand for environmental technologies and Polyacrylamide.To meet this challenge, Shouxin environmental actively seeks to collaborate with research teams in universities to continuously innovate new formulas and technologies for Polyacrylamide products, and to achieve sustainable development in Polyacrylamide research and development, and improve product stability and competitiveness.The cooperation signing ceremony between Shouxin and Anhui University of Technology laid a solid foundation for the future in-depth cooperation.


Professor Jiangya Ma is an Anhui University of Technology professor. He is one of the youngest professors in China. He is an outstanding scholar of the post-1985s and a recipient of the Anhui Province Outstanding Young Scientist Foundation.

The research fields include coagulation and flocculation water treatment,enhanced physicochemical water treatment, water supply treatment, industrial water treatment and so on.In addition, Professor Ma is the author of Nanotechnologies For Environmental Remediation and also co-author of Polyacrylamide Flocculants And Flocculation Science.


During the visit, Professor Ma visited the whole company and CNAS laboratory, conducted in-depth research and exchange.They had in-depth discussions with Shouxin's R&D team on the key issues of Polyacrylamide product formulation performance optimization and preparation process etc, hoping to raise the level of Polyacrylamide R&D through the application of new products and project cooperation.During research and communication, Professor Ma's team highly recognized Shouxin's strength of Polyacrylamide R&D, the control of quality process and the mode of appointed production line etc, pointing out that only this kind of innovative management mode can bring up the product quality with such high stability as Shouxin.


Professor Ma also made a funny analogy, why can Hong Kong be reputed the world's longest-lived region for seven years?That's because more than 90 percent of Hong Kong's food comes from imports, meaning that food safety and human health can be ensured if food safety is strictly monitored at the time of import and export.On the contrary, if the Hong Kong region produces its own food, because of the cost and waste of resources and other problems, some manufacturers will put unsafe products into the market for consumption, which can not guarantee food safety well.Therefore, this is the same as Shouxins OEM mode which effectively ensure the stability of product quality from the formula development, control of raw materials, process control and double supervision for finished products inbound and outbound warehouse.


Therefore, under the background of unstable quality of the entire polyacrylamide industry, Guangdong Shouxin environmental protection firmly cooperate with more universities and scientific research institutions to ensure the stability of product quality, and make polyacrylamide farewell to the era of instability.

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