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Oilfield Treatment

Oilfield Treatment

Detailed Description

Polyacrylamide is a kind of water-soluble polymer compound which is widely used in oil field treatment. In oilfield development, polyacrylamide can be used in a variety of processes, such as formation water treatment, groundwater control, reservoir pressure maintenance and so on, which has significant economic benefits and environmental advantages.

In the treatment of formation water, polyacrylamide is mainly used in desalting, iron, manganese, fluorine removal of formation water and other processes. Because of its high molecular weight and wide molecular weight distribution, polyacrylamide shows good sedimentation and filtration in formation water treatment, and can effectively remove suspended particles and colloid substances in groundwater. In addition, polyacrylamide can also remove calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese from groundwater by ion exchange, so that groundwater can meet the requirements of production and domestic water.

In the aspect of groundwater control, polyacrylamide can be used for groundwater isolation and inhibition. In the process of oilfield water injection, problems such as water communication and water invasion often occur, which seriously affect the development efficiency of the oil field. By adding polyacrylamide to reservoir water, the viscosity and surface tension of water can be increased, and the permeability of water can be reduced, thus the occurrence of water communication and water invasion can be reduced.

In terms of reservoir pressure maintenance, polyacrylamide can be used in tackifier injection and water flooding. After adding polyacrylamide to the injection well, the oil recovery and benefit of water flooding can be significantly improved, and the production cost and environmental pollution can be reduced at the same time.

To sum up, polyacrylamide is a very important oilfield treatment chemical, which has a wide application prospect in formation water treatment, groundwater control and reservoir pressure maintenance. While using PAM, we need to pay attention to environmental protection and give full play to its economic benefits and environmental protection advantages.

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