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Mining treatment

Mining treatment

Detailed Description

Polyacrylamide is an important polymer compound, which has been widely used in mining field. Polyacrylamide can be used in flotation, precipitation, filtration and other processes, which can availably improve the efficiency and benefit in Mineral processing.

In mining production, a large amount of wastewater is usually produced, which contains a large number of solid particles and suspended solids, which will seriously affect the treatment and reuse of wastewater. To solve this problem, polyacrylamide is widely used in wastewater treatment.

The treatment of polyacrylamide as follows:

1. Preparation of polyacrylamide aqueous solution: add polyacrylamide solid into water, stir evenly, so that it is fully dissolved into the polyacrylamide aqueous solution.

2. Mixed wastewater: The wastewater and polyacrylamide solution fully mixed to make it react evenly.

3. Precipitation: in mixed wastewater, polyacrylamide can quickly adsorb suspended particles, form large precipitates, and promote the rapid settlement of particles.

4. Filtration: Through filtration or centrifugation, the precipitates are separated from the wastewater to achieve the purpose of wastewater purification.

Polyacrylamide has a good effect in the treatment of mining wastewater, which can effectively reduce the content of suspended particles and solids in wastewater and improve the purification efficiency of wastewater. In addition, polyacrylamide has the advantages of low cost and simple operation, so it has been widely used in the mining field.

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