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Polyacrylamide for printing and dyeing is a white powder with a density of 1. 320g/cm’ (23C), a glass transition temperature of 188C, and a softening temperature close to 210C. The general method contains a small amount of water when dried. When dry, it quickly absorbs water from the environment. The homopolymer separated by freeze-drying is a white, soft, non-crystalline solid, but when precipitated from the solution and dried, it is a glassy partially transparent solid. Completely dried polyacrylamide is a brittle white solid. Commercial polyacrylamide dry powder is usually dried under moderate conditions, usually with a water content of 5% -15%. The polymer film prepared by casting on a glass plate is a transparent, hard and fragile solid.

Protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility, and it is also the responsibility of the enterprise. As far as the printing and dyeing industry is concerned, it is a source of pollution that affects the environment. The colors of the clothes are bright, and the sewage generated by the printing and dyeing cloth is very huge. This requires today's protagonist to deal with it. —Polyacrylamide for printing and dyeing.

Printing and dyeing plants generally use a large amount of water, and printing and dyeing plants need to use 100-200 tons of water for processing 1 ton of products, of which 80-90% will become wastewater. The wastewater has high organic pollutant content, high alkalinity, and large changes in water quality. It is one of the difficult industrial wastewaters. The wastewater contains dyes, slurries, additives, oils, acids, alkalis, fiber impurities, and sand. , Inorganic salts, etc.

The main functions of polyacrylamide for printing and dyeing are:

1. It has a high-efficiency purification effect on the sewage discharge of the printing and dyeing textile industry. In addition to the treatment of sewage, there are other functions

2. In the textile industry, polyacrylamide flocculants for printing and dyeing can be used as sizing agents and finishing agents for post-processing of fabrics, which can produce a soft, wrinkle-resistant, mold-resistant protective layer;

3. Polyacrylamide flocculant as a post-treatment agent for printing and dyeing can prevent static electricity and flame retardancy of fabrics;

4. When used as a printing and dyeing auxiliary, it can make the product have high adhesion fastness and high vividness, and can also be used as a non-silicon polymer stabilizer for bleaching.

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