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Shouxin Brand polyacrylamide's adherence to the stability of quality

The product quality of the polyacrylamide industry is uneven, especially the product stability, which has been a pain point in the industry and has caused great trouble to end customers. As a global brand of polyacrylamide with stable quality, Guangdong Shouxin Environmental Protection Co., LTD can avoid the situation that the manufacturer is both a player and a referee in the production process of polyacrylamide package. We adopt a strict quality supervision flow chart from the perspective of a third party, implement one-stop supervision, and the quality is more stable.


1. Raw materials and additives: the quality of each raw material and additive shall be strictly monitored. Each raw material and additive shall be tested to be qualified by the factory and our company, and can be put into production only after being double tested to be qualified, so as to ensure the stability of the production process.

2.Ingredients: Each model of Shouxin brand polyacrylamide has its own formula created by a professional R&D team. The resident specialist strictly supervises the on-site production, so that each material is put into production in the same proportion as the R&D formula.

3. Polymerization: The professional R&D team independently develops the formulation of new initiators and chain transfer agents, strictly controls the amount, order and time of adding initiators and chain transfer agents, and the process is always supervised by the resident staff of Shouxin to ensure the high efficiency of the polymerization process.

4.Granulation: The resident specialist shall strictly supervise and control the pressure of compressed air to 0.4MPa on site. In order to prevent the colloid from re-bonding during the cutting process, grinding oil shall be continuously added, and the particle size of granulation shall be strictly controlled between 3-6mm.


5.Drying process: the resident specialist strictly monitors the constant speed drying stage and the slow speed drying stage, and allows the moisture inside the PAM to evaporate gradually through the low temperature, which can be concluded after reaching the required solid content; The temperature control of the fluidized bed is divided into two parts: the temperature of the heater is controlled between 110 ℃ and 150 ℃; The temperature of the heater shall be controlled between 70 ℃ and 100 ℃.

It is required that the temperature of the point material in front of the fluidized bed should be controlled between 30 ℃ and 50 ℃, while the temperature of the point material behind the fluidized bed should be controlled between 40 ℃ and 60 ℃. During the drying process of PAM, the material needs to be fluidized bed, and the amount of feed should be strictly controlled. Too much feed will cause the agglomeration of PAM in front of the fluidized bed; Too little feed will lead to excessive drying of PAM, which directly affects the quality and stability of the product itself.

6. Crushing and screening: the resident specialist will first check the integrity of the equipment grinder and screening machine used according to high standards to ensure normal operation. The products that meet the requirements of product particle size enter the product hopper, and the products that do not meet the requirements of particle size enter the fine powder hopper. The particle size of PAM shall be strictly controlled within the range of 0.15-1.00mm. The particle size directly affects its solubility and use effect.

7. Packaging: the belt mixer is equipped with a screw system, which aims to evenly mix the product and then send it into the safety screen, effectively removing the possible agglomerates in the finished product. The automatic weighing system is used to accurately package the finished products into 25Kg per package. Strictly select packaging bags, use double-layer plastic film to seal and bind, prevent moisture absorption and caking of polyacrylamide during storage, and monitor the quality and stability of each package of products to ensure an absolutely safe storage environment.

8.Finished product inspection: our company has a CNAS laboratory, which is professional, informative and intelligent. The testing personnel have the national professional qualification certificate of the laboratory technician. Each sample is strictly tested, and each test sample is strictly imported and exported to ensure the high quality and high stability of its products.


9. Return of nonconforming products: strictly implement the enterprise return standard, and return the nonconforming products to the production factory of the packaging line to ensure that the products put into the market through our first letter are of high quality and high stability.

10. Warehousing of qualified products: the monitored products are stored in different areas and categories according to the model. The products of each model should be clearly marked to ensure that the products can be accurately transported to customers. The temperature of the warehouse for storing polyacrylamide is controlled at about 28 ℃ and the humidity is controlled at about 35% RH; Ensure that the storage environment is dry, cool and ventilated, and prevent melting and caking of materials.


It is precisely because we carry out one-stop supervision from the research and development of formula, the control of raw materials, the supervision of process flow and the double supervision and inspection of finished products in and out of warehouse, which effectively ensures the stability of product quality. It has won the Best Quality Stability Award of National Functional Polymer Industry Association for many consecutive years.

Shouxin Environmental Protection Co., LTD will resolutely move forward in the insistence of stable product quality to repay customers' trust and choice.

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