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According to incomplete statistics, the wastewater discharged from electroplating plants in my country is about 4 billion m3 each year. Electroplating wastewater is not only large in quantity, but also very serious to environmental pollution. Because it contains heavy metal ions that cannot be degraded in nature, the treatment of electroplating wastewater has always been given great attention. Polyacrylamide for electroplating plant wastewater

Sources of wastewater from electroplating plants, cleaning water for plating parts, waste electroplating solution, equipment cooling water and other wastewater.

The characteristics of wastewater from electroplating plants. This type of wastewater is generally of strong acid water quality, with complex water quality and difficult to control composition. It contains heavy metal ions such as chromium, cadmium, nickel, copper, zinc, gold, silver, and cyanide. Some of them are carcinogenic and teratogenic. , Highly toxic substances causing mutations. After these heavy metals enter the water body, they have an amplifying effect on the food chain and can accumulate in certain organs of the human body to cause chronic poisoning and endanger human health.

In the treatment of electroplating wastewater, because the wastewater contains many expensive heavy metals, if the heavy metals in the wastewater are recycled as a resource, it will not only solve the pollution of heavy metals, but also have certain economic benefits.

Treatment methods, the currently commonly used heavy metal wastewater treatment methods mainly include chemical precipitation, reduction, adsorption, membrane separation, coagulation, ion exchange, electrochemical methods, etc. It is found that the result of polyacrylamide selection for treating this type of wastewater is directly related to the pH value of the wastewater, because most of this type of wastewater is carried out under strong acid conditions.

When electroplating wastewater is mostly under strong acid conditions, we generally choose cationic type and coagulate under alkaline conditions, and generally use ultra-high molecular weight anionic polyacrylamide as a coagulant aid.

It should be noted here that due to the characteristics of electroplating wastewater itself, its pH value is relatively high. Before selecting polyacrylamide, it is recommended to select a water sample for beaker experiment before determining the selection and dosage.


1. Electroplating plant wastewater also contains more heavy metal ions such as chromium, cadmium, nickel, copper, zinc, gold, silver, cyanide, etc., phosphating, wastewater, pyrophosphate electroplating wastewater and other substances, so it is necessary to ensure the pool It is relatively large, so that the wastewater stays long enough.

2. Before use, determine the type of polyacrylamide, choose the best dosage, and the best dosage of the product according to the performance and characteristics of the sewage. The product is formulated into an aqueous solution with a concentration of 0.1% (referring to the solid content), preferably salt-free neutral water.

3. Avoid spilling polyacrylamide products on the ground to prevent the product from premature degradation due to absorbing water on the ground.

4. The selected polyacrylamide is packaged in woven bags or lined with plastic bags to avoid expiration or deterioration. Polyacrylamide for electroplating plant wastewater.

5. Polyacrylamide needs to be put into the aqueous solution of sewage at a uniform and uniform motion, the purpose is to fully contact and fully reflect.

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