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Correct selection method of polyacrylamide PAM used in pharmaceutical factory

Polyacrylamide PAM is used in pharmaceutical plants. The bio-pharmaceutical industry is a large polluter. Not only is the concentration of organic pollutants in the discharged wastewater high, but it also contains various factors that inhibit the growth of microorganisms. If discharged without treatment, it will cause serious harm to water resources, and such wastewater will have indirect Or direct infectious viruses and bacteria, improper treatment will cause water infectious diseases. At present, the coagulation method is selected at home and abroad for the treatment of pharmaceutical plant wastewater, and this technology has achieved good treatment results.


Characteristics of pharmaceutical factory wastewater:

The pharmaceutical plant wastewater mainly includes four categories of antibiotic production wastewater, synthetic drug production wastewater, Chinese patent medicine production wastewater, and washing water and washing wastewater of various preparation production processes. Its wastewater is characterized by complex components, high organic content, high toxicity, deep color and high salt content, especially poor biochemical properties, and intermittent discharge, it is difficult to handle industrial wastewater.

Pharmaceutical plant wastewater treatment process:

First, treatment of medical wastewater with flocculants can effectively reduce the amount of disinfectant and eliminate the interference of suspended matter on the disinfectant. Vertical flow sedimentation tanks are generally used. The sludge separated by the polyacrylamide flocculant sludge in the sedimentation tank is deposited at the bottom of the tank, and discharged into the sludge concentration tank through the pressure pump and sludge pipe, and the PAM polyacrylamide flocculant solution is added to accelerate the sludge precipitation rate. The discharged supernatant enters the disinfection contact pool for disinfection treatment, further filtering and then discharging.


Wastewater treatment polyacrylamide

Selection of PAM for pharmaceutical plant wastewater:

After several studies and experiments by environmental protection technicians from Guangdong Shouxin, the effect of using polyacrylamide flocculant in pharmaceutical wastewater treatment is better. Due to the complexity of the pharmaceutical costs, the quality of sewage produced by different companies is different. The type is also different. It is recommended to conduct a small test first, and then go to the factory for a large test to determine the best dosage and purification effect of polyacrylamide.

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