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What kind of polyacrylamide is used in the river sewage treatment plant?

Sludge is an inevitable product in sewage treatment. After the sewage treatment reaches the standard, the sludge needs to be dehydrated. Polyacrylamide PAM is commonly used in sewage treatment plants. However, PAM is divided into multiple models. Many sewage treatment plants do not know which model to choose? Those who are in constant contact with sludge treatment know that the pressurized sludge of sewage treatment plants generally uses cationic river dredging polyacrylamide, so what will happen if anionic polyacrylamide is used?


Sludge treatment is generally used as cationic polyacrylamide, but there are very few that use anionic polyacrylamide. Use cations or anions to mainly see the characteristics of sludge, such as the source, characteristics and composition of the sludge, the charge, and the proportion of the sludge. According to the different properties of sludge, sludge can be divided into organic and inorganic sludge. Cationic polypropylene is used for the disposal of organic sludge. The relative anionic polypropylene flocculant is used for inorganic sludge. When the alkali is very strong, cationic polypropylene is used. When the acidity is strong, the anionic polypropylene is not suitable. When the solid content is high, the amount of sludge is usually polypropylene. Also big.

If the cation is changed to anionic polyacrylamide, the treatment effect may be worse, which may increase the treatment cost. Because cations exhibit positive electric properties in acidic or alkaline media, they are generally used in urban sludge, papermaking sludge, textile printing and dyeing plant sludge, sugar mill wastewater sludge, etc., which generally have a negative charge and suspended particles in the sludge. The precipitation of negatively charged sludge for flocculation and clarification is very effective, so the use of cationic polyacrylamide may be several times or tens of times higher than that of anionic polyacrylamide, nonionic polyacrylamide or inorganic salts.

Due to the different nature of the sludge produced by various industries, Guangdong Shouxin Environmental Protection Technology recommends the selection of river dredging polyacrylamide through the beaker. If the cost of sludge pressing with cationic polyacrylamide is too high, it may be because the polypropylene model is not suitable for the characteristics of sludge . Regardless of cation, anion, non-ion, amphoteric polyacrylamide, there are many models, with strong pertinence. For the same characteristic sludge is also a cation, different models, the treatment effect will be very different.

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