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Alcohol wastewater is organic wastewater with high concentration, high temperature and high suspended solids. The pollution of the alcohol industry is more serious than water pollution. The wastewater in the production process mainly comes from the alcohol lees discharged after the distillation and fermentation of mature mash. The alcohol lees are acidic and COD It is very high. According to statistics, domestic alcohol producers must emit close to 20 tons of alcohol grains to produce one ton of alcohol. The country produces more than 3 million tons of alcohol each year. This waste water discharge is quite large, and it is also one of the main reasons for the treatment of alcohol waste water. In the process of alcohol wastewater treatment, the flocculant used is mainly polyacrylamide.

Polyacrylamide for the alcohol industry

During the production of alcohol, a large amount of waste water is generated. The alcohol waste water contains a large amount of organic matter. The suspended particles in the waste water are treated by air flotation, and a large amount of sludge is discharged after anaerobic treatment, and then discharged by aerobic treatment. Excess sludge. The water content of the directly discharged sludge is very high, and it cannot be directly transported out. It needs to be concentrated and dried before it can be transported out. In the process of sludge thickening and drying, it is necessary to add some chemicals to assist sludge dewatering to achieve the purpose of sludge drying, reduce sludge moisture content, and reduce sludge volume.

Polyacrylamide for the alcohol industry

Generally, polyacrylamide flocculant is used in the two process links of the air flotation treatment of raw water and the drying treatment of sludge in the wastewater treatment of alcohol plants.

Air flotation treatment can treat suspended solids in wastewater. Its main function is to flocculate suspended solids into larger particles by adsorption and bridging, reduce resistance and accelerate the rise of suspended solids, so as to achieve the purpose of wastewater treatment.

For sludge drying treatment, the natural concentration of sludge will still have a high moisture content. Use a mechanical filter press to ensure that the sludge has sufficient filterability and a certain size of granularity. In this process, it is necessary to add polyacrylamide flocculant to achieve the purpose of flocculation and assist rate.

After the long-term experience of our company's Guangdong Shouxin Chemical, the effect of weak cationic polyacrylamide for alcohol wastewater treatment is better.

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