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Congratulations to Shouxin Environmental Protection for winning the National Polyacrylamide Innovation Award - Scale Selection

In the 2023 selection, the National Functional Polymer Industry Committee presented the “National Polyacrylamide Innovation Award -Scale Selection”, and Shouxin Environmental Protection Company was honored to be the recipient of this award. As the only chairman unit that does not have the factory in the committee, Shouxin Environmental Protection has demonstrated leading innovation in the polyacrylamide industry.


The National Functional Polymer Industry Committee plays an important role in the Chinese industrial system and has long been committed to promoting industry development and technological innovation. Established by Mr. Cheng Siwei, former Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, during his tenure as Vice Minister of the Ministry of Chemical Industry.Up to now, the committee has gone through many years of development and has become the most authoritative industry official organization in the field of water-soluble polymers in China. And in 2021, the organization awarded Academician Yinchu Shen of the Chinese Academy of Engineering “the Lifetime Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Development of the National Functional Polymer Industry”. Our company has been awarded this honor and we sincerely appreciate the high recognition of our performance in the innovative work of polyacrylamide by the committee.

The selection of this award covers multiple aspects, and the committee comprehensively evaluated the performance of our company's innovative scale selection model in product application, with a focus on assessing the innovation of scale selection and the cost and quantity savings and optimization that this innovation brings to users.As an exclusive enterprise that has won the Scale Selection Innovation Award, Shouxin Environmental Protection is very grateful for the recognition and affirmation of the committee. This honor not only affirms our company's comprehensive strength and achievements in the innovation process, but also demonstrates our leading position and outstanding performance in the industry's scale selection innovation model.


As we all know, there is no best polyacrylamide, only the most suitable, the effectiveness of polyacrylamide is closely related to the model selection range, the underlying logic of model selection is that only with multiple models can the most matching polyacrylamide model be selected, and the price gradient of each model is very large, and it is not necessarily suitable for high priced ones. Due to considerations such as formula, production management, and production costs, most manufacturers will not produce too many models on the market, resulting in a single model. As a leading innovative enterprise in the industry, Shouxin integrates research and development, contracting the production line, supervision, and sales, which can effectively compensate for the lack of scale selection in the industry. The company has collaborated closely with teams from universities such as South China University of Technology, Chongqing University, Anhui University of Technology, research institutions, and domestic and foreign academicians and experts to develop over 100 product models to meet the diverse needs of end customers, thereby achieving the best results, dosage, and cost.

Here, we sincerely thank the committee for recognizing and supporting Shouxin's environmental innovation work. Our company will continue to work hard and make greater contributions to the development of the industry and user needs.

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