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Mr.Zongtang Liu, Chairman of our company, had a cordial meeting with Academician Yinchu Shen, the "Father of Polyacrylamide"

In March 2024, Mr.Zongtang Liu , Chairman of our company, had a profound meeting with Academician Yinchu Shen of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in Hangzhou. During this meeting, Academician Shen not only affirmed the innovative model of Shouxin Environmental Protection, but also engaged in exchanges on polyacrylamide technology between the two sides.

Academician Shen is an academician of the The Chinese Academy of Engineering, an expert in biochemistry, and an honorary president of Zhejiang University of Technology. He has been engaged in biochemical research and technology development for a long time, and is known as the "father of polyacrylamide" and "pioneer of China's biochemical industry" in the industry.Academician Shen has created an industrial technology for the production of acrylamide using microbial catalysis, and established China's first industrial device for producing bulk chemical raw materials using biotechnology, pioneering the application of biocatalysis in the chemical industry.For this reason, the National Functional Polymer Industry Committee awarded Academician Shen the Lifetime Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Development of the National Functional Polymer Industry in 2021. Our company, Shouxin Environmental Protection, as a professional enterprise specializing in polyacrylamide, has also benefited from the scientific research achievements of Academician Shen's "10000 ton level microbial acrylamide production technology".


During this meeting, Chairman Liu expressed his admiration for Academician Shen and gave a detailed introduction to Shouxin Environmental Protection's innovative business model centered on research and development, full process supervision, and scale selection, as well as how the company ensures the stability of product quality. Academician Shen believes that Shouxin Environmental Protection has done a very good job in product quality stability, and has also affirmed our innovative model and put forward some constructive suggestions. Throughout the meeting, both sides had harmonious communication. Academician Shen shared his experience and conducted in-depth discussions on topics such as industry development and technological innovation. After the meeting, both sides took a friendly group photo as a souvenir. Academician Shen personally inscribed the book "Academician Yinchu Shen's Academic Yearbook" and presented it to Chairman Liu as a commemoration. Chairman Liu expressed sincere feelings for Academician Shen's guidance and support.

  This meeting fully demonstrated the close cooperation and good relationship between the two sides, laying a solid foundation for future technological exchange and cooperation.

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