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The "Tiffany" of polyacrylamide industry

  Since 1837, Tiffany & Co. has been a world-renowned diamond jewelry and watch brand that has led the way with legendary masterpieces and witnessed countless stories of love in the world. Its diamond products are very artistic and have been loved by women around the world for their exquisite and consistent craftsmanship. Sixty percent of Tiffany's diamond jewelry is produced in state-of-the-art factories in New York, Kentucky and Rhode Island, and Tiffany has introduced a process traceability system that steadily oversees the diamond cutting process so that each of its diamonds is created to quite exacting standards, making Tiffany diamonds stand out. Similarly, as a global polyacrylamide brand with stable quality - Guangdong Shouxin Environmental Protection, has the same strict control as Tiffany's process traceability management system in diamond industry. To ensure the stability of polyacrylamide quality.

  Diamond cut is the only criterion of the 4Cs that is influenced by the craftsmanship.Two diamonds may have the same clarity, color and carat weight, but it is the cut that determines how one diamond stands out from the others.Tiffany only needs to assess the three degrees of diamond cut in the factory: cutting accuracy, symmetry and polishing, and it can stabilize the quality and brilliance of the diamond.As a "hundred industry auxiliaries" polyacrylamide, in the production process due to the formula, equipment, initiator, temperature, shear rate, environment and raw materials and other factors, in the production of high-temperature polymerization, prone to product errors, resulting in polyacrylamide stability is more difficult to control, once the control is not good will cause the use of the effect on the Once the control is not good, it will cause a world of difference in the use effect. Most of the manufacturers will still choose to ship to the market due to cost considerations, causing end market problems, so if there is a link to monitor and test these products in circulation to the market, we can basically ensure the stability of polyacrylamide quality. In view of such defects in polyacrylamide industry, Shouxin Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd- A global brand of polyacrylamide with stable quality was established.


  Guangdong Shouxin Environmental Protection has professional technical engineers and advanced testing equipment. In the Inbound and outbound shipping are to do strict double supervision and testing, and no production cost consideration concerns, in cooperation with the outsourcing factory contract line production, into the warehouse to do strict double supervision and testing, substandard products are resolutely returned to deal with, well control, to ensure the stability of the product.


  A diamond is forever, and one will last forever. We believe that Tiffany and Guangdong Shouxin can become classics in their respective fields.

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