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Polyacrylamide for construction slurry

  With the accelerated pace of urbanization, various construction projects have been started, but the resulting construction mud has become a major problem. It is easy to lead to river blockage and environmental pollution by indiscriminate discharge; by tanker truck dumping, it is not only easy to cause traffic congestion and road damage, but the mud unloading point will also cause some impact on the environment. When pouring piles, a large amount of clay will be produced, including sand and gravel, etc. The consistency is relatively large, so it is difficult to settle naturally. Polyacrylamide is needed as mud and water separator, which can play a good flocculation effect.


  The characteristics of the slurry depend on its composition and the local geological conditions, the specific choice of which agent, according to the site sludge to do selection experiments to determine the more common anionic polyacrylamide and non-ionic polyacrylamide, but also with low ionic cation. In some cases, in order to make the water clearer, it is necessary to use inorganic flocculants such as PAC together. Some of the commonly used mud and water separation treatment equipment are mostly plate and frame filter presses, but also belt filter presses and geotechnical pipe bags.


  The treatment of construction mud, not only to press the mud efficiency, but also to mud cake low water content, clear water, different geological conditions in different places, the required poly propylene will also be different, which needs to be selected through the model selection experiment. The effect of polyacrylamide treatment is mainly depends on the degree of coincidence, on the model selection is accurate or not, which is closely related to the size of the selection range, the wider the range, the more models, it is more likely to choose the right model. Guangdong Shouxin Environmental Protection Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a global polyacrylamide brand with stable quality, after more than ten years of development Shouxin brand polyacrylamide has two obvious advantages.

  1. More models of polyacrylamide: there are 107 different models of polyacrylamide, which can provide customers with accurate selection experiments and select the more cost-effective polyacrylamide models for customers.

  2. Stability of polyacrylamide products: Through professional technical engineers and advanced testing equipment, we can ensure the stability of the products through strict double supervision and testing at the time of warehousing and shipping.

  It is also due to the above advantages that Shouxin's polyacrylamide has abundant selection and processing experience in construction slurry, and is favored by the majority of customers.

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