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Polyacrylamide for river dredging

  There are many rivers in China, and river management is an important part of river management and maintenance. River siltation can affect the functions of flood control, drainage, irrigation and water supply. In order to restore the normal function of rivers, river dredging and dredging projects are indispensable. The river dredging project can make the river deeper and wider, the river water clearer, and the environment significantly improved, so as to achieve the goal of "clear water, smooth river, green shore and beautiful scenery".


  River dredging is to pump the river bottom silt to the designated area through the pipeline, then add lime or alkaline additives to adjust the silt PH value to a reasonable range, then add polymeric aluminum chloride and polyacrylamide to break the stability of the colloidal particles in the silt, then neutralize its electrical properties through the amide group on the molecular chain of polyacrylamide, and use the characteristics of the longer molecular chain to coalesce and bridge it, so that the silt and water are separated, and then press the filter through the filter press again, generally using the belt filter press, plate and frame filter press, geotechnical pipe bags, etc.


  River dredging anionic and cationic polyacrylamide are useful, the specific choice of which agent, according to the site sludge to do selection experiments to determine. The effect of polyacrylamide treatment is mainly depends on the coincidence of the problem, on the selection of accurate or not, which is closely related to the size of the selection range, the wider the range, the more models, it is more likely to choose the right model. Guangdong Shouxin Environmental Protection Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a global polyacrylamide brand with stable quality, after more than ten years of development Shouxin brand polyacrylamide has two obvious advantages, and is favored by customers in the river dredging industry.

  1. More models of polyacrylamide: there are 107 different models of polyacrylamide, which can provide customers with accurate selection experiments and select more cost-effective polyacrylamide models for customers.

  2. Stability of polyacrylamide products: Through professional technical engineers and advanced testing equipment, we can do strict double supervision and testing when incoming and outgoing to ensure the stability of the products.

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