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Polyacrylamide for mining industry

  China is rich in mineral resources, but with the depth of mining, easy to select rich ore less and less, replaced by more and more difficult to select poor ore. For difficult to select poor ore, the traditional magnetic separation process alone is difficult to achieve the requirements of smelting, so flotation in the beneficiation of the position is increasingly important. Flotation is a method of sorting ore by using the differences in the physical and chemical properties of mineral surfaces. The principle is to use the difference of mineral interface properties to separate, enrich, and refine a sorting process. The surface properties of minerals are complex, including the breakage of surface bonds, surface electrical properties, surface ionic state, surface element electronegativity, surface polarity, surface free energy, surface residual energy, surface inhomogeneity, surface area, surface solubility, and surface structure and chemical composition.These surface characteristics have a direct relationship with mineral flotation, polyacrylamide can change some characteristics of the mineral surface, adjust the floatability of minerals, improve the selectivity of the bubble mineralization process and flotation speed, the specific choice of which agent, according to the site conditions need to do model selection experiments to determine.


  The main characteristics are high turbidity, fine particle size of solids, negative charge on the surface of solid particles, repulsion between same sex charges to keep these particles dispersed in water, affected by gravity and Brownian motion; due to the interaction between the interface of solid particles in coal sludge water, the nature of coal washing wastewater is quite complex. Due to the interaction between solid particles in coal slurry water, the nature of coal washing wastewater is quite complex, not only has the nature of suspension, but also has the nature of colloid. At present, the treatment of coal sludge water in domestic industry generally adopts anionic polyacrylamide to realize solid-liquid separation.The contact between anionic polyacrylamide and coal sludge particles or coal sludge colloid neutralizes the electrical properties of coal sludge surface, reduces the surface repulsion, and makes coal sludge particles coalesce and precipitate.


  Different ores, because their composition is different, need to be modeled after the selection to determine which polyacrylamide effect is better. The wider the range, the more models, the better it is to choose the right model. Guangdong Shouxin Environmental Protection Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a global polyacrylamide brand with stable quality, after more than ten years of development Shouxin brand polyacrylamide has two obvious advantages.

  1. More models of polyacrylamide: there are 107 different models of polyacrylamide, which can provide customers with accurate selection experiments and select the more cost-effective polyacrylamide models for customers.

  2. Stability of polyacrylamide products: We can ensure the stability of the products through professional technical engineers and advanced testing equipment, and do strict double supervision and testing when inbound and outbound.

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