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Sand washing wastewater with white medicine

  With the ban on river sand mining, the sand washing industry has been unusually hot in recent years, and sand washing sites of all sizes have sprung up all over the country to obtain sand and gravel by washing raw materials such as sand packet soil. The link of sand washing needs to use water, will produce a large amount of muddy water, and in the muddy water settlement, filter press dewatering and other links need to use polyacrylamide, which is the industry we call the white drug, this is for another pharmaceutical Yellow medicine (polymeric aluminum chloride), is a sand washing industry by color to call and distinguish a call.


  When white medicine anionic polyacrylamide is used in sand washing, it can not only quickly separate the soil in the mortar, but also promote the rapid flocculation and holding of the mud, accelerate the separation of mud and water, and reduce the water content of the mud cake. It is the excellent flocculation and sedimentation effect of anionic polyacrylamide that helps many sand washing plants to improve the efficiency of sand washing, reduce the cost of sand washing and create great economic benefits. In the process of treating sand washing wastewater with anionic polyacrylamide, the treatment effect can generally be achieved by using anionic polyacrylamide alone. However, in some cases, it is necessary to add yellow polymeric aluminum chloride to the sand washing wastewater first, and then add white anionic polyacrylamide to achieve the treatment effect. The environmental pollution problem of sand washing wastewater has also been solved. The turbid sand washing water becomes clear and clean, and the SS content in the water is greatly reduced. The treated water can be reused, irrigated and discharged into fish ponds and rivers. In the process of protecting the environment, it greatly improves the utilization rate of water resources and saves a lot of water costs for users.Therefore, whether in terms of treatment effect, environmental protection, or economic benefits, white medicine anionic polyacrylamide is value for money.


  As the raw material of sand washing is also frequently changed, as to which specific type of polyacrylamide is chosen, it can be selected by the selection experiment. Generally, we do the beaker selection experiment first, and then do the on-board pilot test. The more models you choose, the more you can choose the right model. Guangdong Shouxin Environmental Protection Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a global polyacrylamide brand with stable quality, so that we can make accurate selection and choose the more cost-effective polyacrylamide models for our customers. It is also very important to control the stability of the products, only stable quality products can ensure the efficient and stable operation. Shouxin Environmental Protection has professional technical engineers and advanced testing equipment to ensure the stability of the products through strict double supervision and testing at the time of inbound and outbound shipments.

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