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Application of Polyacrylamide in Concentrator

PAM is used for the treatment of mineral processing wastewater. We often use flocculants such as polyacrylamide and polyaluminum chloride to treat these wastewater. In order to strengthen the concentration of pulp and water clarification in the beneficiation plant, and improve the hydraulic conveying concentration of the tailings and the utilization rate of backwater, many domestic and foreign beneficiation plants use polyacrylamide to enhance the sedimentation and concentration of tailings, and have achieved good results. The flocculant mostly uses the polymer flocculant polyacrylamide.


Anionic polyacrylamide

The effect of ore dressing wastewater treated with polyacrylamide:

1. Improve the reuse rate of wastewater treatment;

2. Recycling of useful metals in wastewater;

3. Reduce wastewater discharge.

An anionic polyacrylamide with a molecular weight of 1000-1400 was used to conduct experiments on mineral processing wastewater, and it was found that the experimental effect was very obvious. Experiments have proved that cationic polyacrylamide is rarely used in mineral processing wastewater, and only used under acidic conditions for a few minerals. Most of them are anionic flocculants. The price of anionic polyacrylamide is much lower than that of cationic polyacrylamide. Anionic polyacrylamide is widely used in mineral processing.

Anionic polyacrylamide is a water-soluble polymer. Because its molecular chain contains a certain number of polar groups, it can absorb solid particles suspended in water to bridge between particles or make particles agglomerate to form large flocs through charge neutralization. Therefore, anionic polyacrylamide can accelerate the sedimentation of particles in the suspension, and has a very obvious effect of accelerating the clarification of the solution and promoting filtration. For suspended particles, sewage with coarser, high concentration, positively charged particles, neutral or alkaline water pH, because its molecular chain contains a certain amount of polar groups that can adsorb solid particles suspended in water.

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