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About the stable story of Eileen Gu and ShouXin brand polyacrylamide

  Freestyle skiing is a competitive snow sport performed on a special ski slope by completing a series of prescribed and optional moves (such as backflips, turns, etc.) using skis and poles as tools. Eileen Gu is a Chinese female freestyle skier. She is the first FIS women's freestyle skiing U-course Grand Slam, and the first Chinese athlete to win gold at the World Extreme Sports Games. Freestyle skiing is a sport that requires a very high level of stability in every movement (such as the height of the jump, the angle of rotation in the leap, the consistency of the movement, the way of landing, etc.), but Eileen Gu has always won the unanimous praise of the audience and the judges with her amazing and stable output of difficult movements, and has won the championship in freestyle skiing many times.

  In addition to the need to select the appropriate model, the polyacrylamide industry needs stability just like skiing.Polyacrylamide production process is affected by the process, raw materials, including ingredients, polymerization, granulation, drying, cooling, crushing and other factors, prone to product errors, resulting in polyacrylamide stability is difficult to control, the stability of the product will affect the use of the effect, most manufacturers due to cost considerations will still choose to ship to the market, resulting in the end market problems. Therefore, if there is a link to supervise and test the products circulating to the market, we can ensure the stability of the quality, but at present, as an end customer, there are very few with this ability, which will eventually cause a bad effect on the end customer's use of poor results and the use of large amounts.


  Guangdong Shouxin Environmental Protection Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a global polyacrylamide brand with stable quality, more than ten years brand, because there is no production cost consideration concerns, in cooperation with the outsourcing factory contract production line, into the warehouse to do strict double supervision and testing, not up to standard products firmly returned to deal with, well control, ensure the stability of the product.


  Therefore, ShouXin brand polyacrylamide, like " the first Chinese freestyle skiing champion Eileen Gu", makes up for the shortcomings of China's polyacrylamide industry by virtue of its outstanding stability and excellent testing technology.

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