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128 tons of unqualified instant noodles from  Jinmailang triggers thoughts on product quality

  A few days ago, the Yanzhou District People's Court of Jining City disclosed a verdict that two employees of the Yanzhou company of Jinmailang, in order not to waste ingredients and not to be fined, concealed the real data of waste (emptins) and conspired to pull out more than 100 tons of unqualified instant noodles from the factory; these more than 100 tons of unqualified noodles are not a small amount for either the company or the individual, which cost a lot of costs, time and human and material resources.Who would have the heart to abandon it and not flow to the market for cash?


  In fact, it is not only Jinmailang, but factories in other industries will also have the same quality management problems. Take the polyacrylamide industry as an example, due to various factors such as formula, equipment, initiator, temperature, shear rate, environment and raw materials in the production process of polyacrylamide, if the quality control is not in place, it is easy to lead to polyacrylamide quality instability, resulting in the use of the effect of a world of difference. Most of the manufacturers will still choose to ship to the market due to cost considerations, causing end market problems.

  For the problem of product quality management and control, if there is a link to supervise and test these products that are circulated to the market, the quality can be well controlled and the inflow of defective products into the market can be reduced.In view of such defects in polyacrylamide industry, Shouxin Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd- A global brand of polyacrylamide with stable quality was established.


  As a global polyacrylamide brand with stable quality, Guangdong Shouxin Environmental Protection has professional technical engineers and advanced testing equipment. In the inbound and outbound shipments are strictly double supervision and testing, and there is no consideration of production cost. When cooperating with outsourced factories to contract line production, strict double supervision and testing is done when entering the warehouse, and products that do not meet the standard are resolutely returned to the processing, so as to control and ensure the quality stability of the products well. To provide end customers with better and lower cost polyacrylamide products.

  With superb testing technology and excellent management mechanism system, Shouxin brand polyacrylamide has made up for this shortcoming of China's polyacrylamide industry. It has been fully affirmed by the industry and recognized by users.

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