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Polyacrylamide for wastewater treatment

  Wastewater treatment includes two major areas, one is industrial wastewater and the other is domestic wastewater.

  There are many industries involved in industrial wastewater, such as paper making, alcohol, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, electroplating, chemical, food and beverage, etc.. Depending on the type of wastewater and the treatment process, the polyacrylamide used is also different. Its application is mainly divided into two parts: the front section treatment uses inorganic flocculants (such as PAC) with anionic polyacrylamide or cationic polyacrylamide to treat wastewater, which is usually used on sedimentation tanks or air floatation tanks. The latter treatment uses cationic polyacrylamide with sludge dewatering equipment to press the sludge (some also use anionic and non-ionic ones), usually with belt filter press, plate and frame filter press, centrifuge or stacked screw machine.


  Domestic wastewater is the wastewater produced by residents in their daily life, such as toilet water after flushing, wastewater after cooking and washing dishes, bath water, etc. It mainly comes from residential buildings and public buildings, such as houses, institutions, schools, hospitals, stores, public places and industrial enterprises' bathrooms. Polyacrylamide is also generally divided into water treatment and sludge treatment in the municipal wastewater industry. Earlier it was more often used in the latter part of sludge dewatering in domestic wastewater treatment plants, using cationic polyacrylamide, generally used in centrifuges, belt filter presses, plate and frame filter presses. With the tightening of national environmental protection policy, most areas of the country have to carry out the first-class A standard transformation, some municipal wastewater after biochemical treatment of water quality can not meet the standard discharge will need to increase the depth of treatment process, and then through a high-efficiency sedimentation tank to deal with.This process is mainly to add inorganic flocculants (polymeric aluminum chloride, aluminum sulfate, etc.) and anionic polyacrylamide together with flocculation and precipitation to reduce the index of harmful substances in the sewage, so that the sewage meets the discharge standards.


  Whether it is industrial wastewater or domestic wastewater, the specific choice of suitable polyacrylamide needs to be selected according to the selection experiment. The effect of polyacrylamide treatment is mainly depends on the degree of fit, it is accurate or not, which is closely related to the size of the selection range, the wider the range, the more models, it is more likely to choose the right model. Guangdong Shouxin Environmental Protection Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a global polyacrylamide brand with stable quality, after more than ten years of development Shouxin brand polyacrylamide has two obvious advantages.

  1. More models of polyacrylamide: there are 107 different models of polyacrylamide, which can provide customers with accurate selection experiments and select the more cost-effective polyacrylamide models for customers.

  2. Stability of polyacrylamide products: Guangdong Shouxin Environmental Protection Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a global polyacrylamide brand with stable quality, it will strictly control the quality, through professional technical engineers and advanced testing equipment, it will do strict double supervision and testing at the time of incoming and outgoing, and the qualified products will be put into storage only to ensure the stability of the products.

  It is also due to the above advantages that Shouxin's polyacrylamide is favored by the majority of customers.

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