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Polyacrylamide for helical screw machine

The advantages of the snail sludge dewatering machine are: 1. Wide adaptability, all kinds of poor flocculation, oily sludge from slaughter and printing and dyeing, etc., can be pressed by stacking screws. It is nothing more than sacrificing the moisture content of the point, and it is not a problem to form it! Plate and frame belt centrifuge There are many types of mud that cannot be crushed or inefficient, Polyacrylamide for helical screw machine.


2. Small size, low automation requirements, automatic operation does not require too complicated monitoring data, only the sludge tank liquid level is enough! Simple structure, easy to maintain, the more sophisticated the equipment, the more durable, and various minor faults The less! The liquid level of the sludge tank controls the operation of the whole machine, and the liquid level of the flocculation stirring tank provides liquid level protection.

3. Very simple operation. Some companies only hire an elderly man in the sewage plant area to watch. The labor cost is relatively strong and labor is reduced a lot. Compared with the complexity of the machine, the hard stacking of the plate frame is undoubtedly the most suitable Yes!! No one!!! Just press the button, the sludge pump dosing pump

Start working and the spindle starts to run!!! It’s that simple! Just press a button to shut down, and the sludge in the spindle is drained! When the worker gets off work, he opens the back pressure plate or turns on the manual flushing pipe for flushing. You can get off work and go home in one click! Maybe there are ten thousand disadvantages of stacking snails, but no one can deny the advantage of this easy operation. Maybe a small company will hire

Please-a retired master, responsible for the snail stacking, which is not too labor-intensive, and the monthly salary is only two or three thousand yuan. If you use a belt machine, a centrifuge, or a frame machine, you need to pay the labor cost Will rise.

4. Low power consumption and energy saving. The power consumption of the Japanese GTR reducer is very small. A 30-50 kg dry stack only needs 0.6KW! This means that the power is only half of the induction cooker used at home!! ! You need to know that the cycloid of the mixing and soaking bucket is 0.55KW, and the price of electricity for enterprises is more expensive, because it is very sensitive to power consumption! Everyone knows the power consumption of the centrifuge, two motors add up to dozens Kilowatts. Some people may argue that the power of the belt machine is not high, but do you know that the belt machine needs to be equipped with a high-pressure flushing water pump? Does the pump need to be powered on? Does it need to consume a lot of recycled water? What is needed for flushing? A clean water source with tap water pressure can be used. It can be flushed with the supernatant of the sedimentation tank or directly connected to tap water! It takes one ton a day, and the calculated cost is about three yuan.

Sludge dewatering is the last link of sewage treatment. The sludge needs to be pressed into mud cakes and then landfilled to form a complete environmental protection chain. Sludge dewatering is inseparable from polyacrylamide, so various problems will occur in the sludge dewatering process. Among them, the sludge dewatering machine is a more serious problem, which will seriously affect the efficiency and efficiency of sludge treatment. Therefore, choosing a sludge dewatering machine with strict processing and rigorous technology can avoid the phenomenon of sludge running.

The sludge dewatering machine is a new type of sludge dewatering process. It adopts the principle of combining dynamic and static rings with a screw shaft, so that the sludge is squeezed radially and axially in the main body of the screw shaft under the driving of the screw shaft. Water is filtered out from the gap between the dynamic and static rings, and the mud cake is continuously discharged from the mud outlet. However, due to the increasing number of applications of snail sludge dewatering machines, sludge running often occurs at the operation site. So what is the reason for this situation?  

The main reasons are as follows: 1. The flocculation effect of the sludge is not good before it enters the main body of dewatering. The sludge can only reach the ideal flocculation state after the proper proportion of polyacrylamide (PAM), and the sludge agglomerates into large pieces. Or the sludge will not be filtered out from the gap between the dynamic and static rings. Of course, some sludge is not simply added with PAM as a kind of agent. Some sludge has special properties and needs to be added with PAC, caustic soda and other agents; 2. Sludge treatment The amount is too large. The equipment itself has a certain processing capacity. Overload operation will inevitably cause damage to the equipment. If you blindly increase the amount of sludge, the equipment will not be able to process enough in time, and too much sludge will stay in the cavity. Cause the equipment to filter out the mud

3. Another reason for the stacking machine to run mud is that the design of the stacking dynamic and static ring gap is too large. This is mainly because some manufacturers do not do well in the leveling of the dynamic and static rings. The flatness error is above 10 wires, but in order to reduce the dynamic and static ring and The wear of the screw shaft blades can only increase the thickness of the gasket. As a result, the gap between the dynamic and static rings becomes too large, and the sludge is filtered out. 4. Some manufacturers reduce the cost and price of the equipment to achieve the goal of high sales. The ring piece is definitely an important point. Cutting and leveling to reduce the cost will make the ring piece uneven, which will be very large when used. Friction, the more the gap between the ring pieces is worn, the more mud will leak, and the ring pieces will be scrapped and unusable, Polyacrylamide for helical screw machine.

The above four points are the reasons why the dewatering machine will run out of mud when using the screw stacker. We hope that customers will try to avoid low-cost and low-cost equipment and medicines when choosing machines and medicines. They must consider their quality and after-sales guarantees. Only qualified, capable, and experienced manufacturers can supply products to avoid the above situation.

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