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Coal washing plant polyacrylamide

Polyacrylamide used in coal washing plants, coal washing wastewater, coal slurry water from coal preparation plants, and ground washing wastewater from coal-fired power plants are all mixtures of water and fine coal. Its main characteristics are high turbidity, fine solids, and solid particles. The surface is mostly negatively charged, and the repulsive force between the same charges keeps these particles in a dispersed state in the water, which is affected by gravity and Brownian motion; due to the interaction between the solid particle interfaces in the slime water (such as adsorption, dissolution, compounding, etc.), The properties of coal washing wastewater are quite complicated, not only with suspension properties, but also colloidal properties. Due to the above reasons, it is difficult to clarify coal washing wastewater naturally, and the supernatant of this kind of wastewater is still black liquid with a large amount of suspended matter such as coal slime after precipitation, which contains various additives and heavy metals in the coal preparation process. substance. A large amount of coal washing wastewater is not discharged up to the standard, causing water pollution, river siltation, and slime loss, causing great economic losses to the country, making the coal industry more scarce of water resources, and seriously restricting the development of coal production. So development. New technologies and new processes for efficient treatment of coal washing wastewater are of great significance.


Coal washing plant polyacrylamide, Experiments can be used to determine the polyacrylamide used. First, the polyacrylamide flocculant for coal washing produced by our company is fully dissolved in tap water at a weight ratio of one-thousandth, that is, 100 ml of tap water plus 1 g of polyacrylamide This takes about half an hour, because polyacrylamide is a polymer flocculant, which can be fully dissolved after continuous stirring, so as to more effectively play its maximum value. This ratio of one-thousandth is not Fixed, can be adjusted appropriately according to the customer's on-site price adjustment. After dissolving, set aside and wait for use. During this period, just in case, dissolve 5% polyaluminum chloride solution.

Then take 100 milliliters of coal washing wastewater from a beaker. The coal washing wastewater should be stirred evenly before taking 100 milliliters. Because the still wastewater will also produce a small amount of precipitation, in order to get closer to the actual situation in the experiment, stir evenly.

Coal washing plant polyacrylamide, The magical moment is about to begin. Take 2 ml of the just dissolved polyacrylamide solution and add it to 100 ml of coal washing wastewater at one time. Through the stirring of the stirring rod, you will see that the coal washing wastewater appears flocculation and sedimentation. The clear water has stratified, and this result appeared in just a few seconds. It is so magical. For different concentrations of coal washing wastewater, the dosage is different. It takes repeated experiments to get the most economical and effective dosage. The above mentioned polyaluminum chloride solution that dissolves 5%. The coal washing water is difficult to precipitate due to its own nature. This requires the addition of polyaluminum chloride and then polyacrylamide solution. This is also a very common distribution in coal washing plants. They are called the nemesis of coal washing wastewater and are called golden partners. .

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