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Instructions for use of special paper dispersant for paper industry

In the paper production process of the paper industry, the fibers and fillers in the pulp suspension are hydrophobic and easy to flocculate into agglomerates, reducing the uniformity of the paper and increasing the loss. Adding Capitel Dispersant for papermaking can form an electric double layer on the surface of the solid fiber, and the outer dispersant forms a thicker hydration layer with water, which increases the charge repulsion between solids, improves the solid phase dispersion effect, and effectively prevents fiber agglomeration. Improve the uniformity of the paper. It is an economical and effective additive to improve the uniformity of paper. Papermaking dispersant.


The company’s paper-making dispersants can be dissolved within 60 minutes, and at low addition levels, they can promote good dispersion of paper-making fibers and excellent paper forming effects, improve pulp uniformity and paper softness, and increase paper strength performance. . It is suitable for household papers such as toilet paper, napkins, facial tissues and other tissue papers, etc. It can completely replace PEO in some paper factories.

Product characteristics, papermaking dispersant has fast dissolution speed, high viscosity, low water-insoluble content, easy degradation at high temperature, promotes the dispersion of fibers, especially long fibers, adapts to high-speed paper machine production, and ensures low paper basis weight, thin pages, and soft and uniform paper quality Wait. Papermaking dispersant.

Usage: 1. The product is slowly and evenly scattered into the dissolution tank under stirring to form a 0.05% to 0.1% solution, dissolving for 1 to 2 hours, the stirring speed is controlled at 40 to 60 rpm during dissolution, and the water temperature is lower than 50°C; 2. Between the dissolving tank and the dilution tank, a 60-mesh screen should be installed to remove undissolved sediments; 3. The diluted solution shall be sprayed into the front box of the paper machine with a quantitative pump or a metering tank according to the quality requirements of the finished paper. , Avoid using high-shear pumps when pumping to avoid shear degradation and affect the use effect.

Packaging, transportation and storage. This product is packaged in a paper-plastic composite bag, 25kg per bag or determined according to user needs, and the shelf life is 2 years.

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