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Which polyacrylamide model is more suitable for papermaking dispersant?

With the rapid development of the papermaking industry, the development of papermaking chemicals is becoming more and more important. As one of the papermaking chemicals, polyacrylamide is a high molecular water-soluble polymer with excellent performance, convenient use, and environmental protection. Many advantages play a huge role in the paper industry. Today Capitel Chemical will share with you which polyacrylamide model is more suitable for papermaking dispersant. Papermaking dispersant.


In the papermaking process, fibers, fillers and some additives are all water-insoluble. They tend to accumulate by themselves in the aqueous solution, and different materials are often kept as far away as possible due to incompatibility, which makes it difficult to obtain uniform performance. , Paper with ideal strength.

The papermaking dispersant mainly uses cationic polyacrylamide with low relative molecular weight. Because its molecular chain contains carboxyl groups, it has a dispersing effect on negatively charged fibers, can increase the viscosity of pulp, is beneficial to fiber suspension, and can effectively improve the uniformity of the paper. It is an efficient dispersant for long fibers. Polyacrylamide for papermaking

As a long-fiber dispersant, polyacrylamide can increase the retention rate of fillers and pigments to reduce the loss of raw materials and environmental pollution; increase the strength of paper (including dry strength and wet strength), increase tear resistance and porosity, In order to improve the vision and printing performance, the characteristics of polyacrylamide as a papermaking dispersant are also manifested in that the product is easily soluble in water and forms a high-viscosity liquid. It can promote good dispersion of papermaking fibers and excellent The paper forming effect can improve the consistency of the pulp and the softness of the paper, and it can also increase the strength performance of the paper. Polyacrylamide.

In the use of papermaking coating, the papermaking dispersant has high dispersion efficiency, stable coating viscosity, less foam, non-toxic, non-corrosive, can increase the solid content of the coating, and has good fluidity and scrub resistance, and can maintain paper gloss Degree, not easy to mold. Secondly, it can also increase the speed of papermaking, save beating time, reduce energy consumption, and have significant economic benefits.

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