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Importance of correct selection of polyacrylamide for coal washing

Polyacrylamide special for coal washing is also called special agent for coal washing. Its molecular weight ranges from 8 million to 18 million. Proper use of polyacrylamide can not only improve the flocculation effect, effectively treat the slime water, clarify the water, but also recover useful solid particles to avoid environmental pollution. Polyacrylamide for coal washing wastewater treatment.


Incorrect selection of the model during coal washing water treatment will affect the clarity, floc size and sedimentation speed, so when choosing coal washing polyacrylamide, we must first match the model, and choose a polyacrylamide product with better effect and smaller usage.

A small amount will cause the sedimentation rate of coal slime to slow down, and the concentration overflow will easily exceed the standard, and the required circulating water index cannot be guaranteed, which makes it difficult to control the coal washing product index stably.

Excessive amount, although speeding up the sedimentation rate of coal slime, it is easy to cause the concentration of underflow to be too high; generally the concentration of underflow is required to be 500g/L, which can meet the pressure filtration production; too much usage makes the underflow concentration of concentrated underflow as high as 700g/L. L above L, and the polyacrylamide content in the underflow increases, which is unfavorable for underflow transportation and filter press production. The coal cake is not easy to fall off during the filter press and unloading of the coal cake, which increases the labor intensity of the operators and reduces the work efficiency; it also causes The waste of medicament increases the production cost. Polyacrylamide for coal washing wastewater treatment.

Therefore, only proper use of polyacrylamide can effectively exert its flocculation effect. Coal washing polyacrylamide can be determined through experiments according to the selected slime water treatment process and the properties of the slime water.

Product features of polyacrylamide for coal washing:

1. Rapid formation of large flocs, large and compact alum flowers, small amount of sludge and fast flocculation and settling speed;

2. Dissolve quickly and thoroughly, without insoluble matter (fish eyes); the product in powder state dissolves in about 60 minutes;

3. Economical and practical, small dosage, good effect, high dehydration rate; low operating cost, low dosage can produce effective effects and high dehydration performance, which is very economical;

4. Excellent filtering and dewatering properties improve the dewatering effect of sludge;

5. It can feed automatically; it is easy to handle.

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