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Application of polyacrylamide in papermaking

Failure to treat wastewater from paper mills will cause serious pollution to the environment. Cationic polyacrylamide is routinely used in papermaking wastewater treatment. Non-ion is usually used to treat the retention and drainage of pulp in the papermaking process.


Papermaking wastewater mainly comes from the pulping and papermaking processes in the papermaking industry. Pulping and papermaking discharge a large amount of waste water. Wastewater from pulping is the most polluted. The wastewater discharged from the washing process is dark brown, called black water. The concentration of pollutants in the black water is very high and contains a lot of fiber, inorganic salt and pigment.

To treat the black water of papermaking, we use cationic polyacrylamide. The effect mainly depends on the average molecular weight, ionic properties, ionic strength and activity of other copolymers of polyacrylamide in papermaking. The decolorization rate of cationic polyacrylamide for wastewater can reach more than 95%, and the removal rate of COD is between 40-70%. Sewage with negatively charged particles suspended in papermaking wastewater can be removed by using cationic polymer flocculants.

Cationic polyacrylamide is used to remove sewage in papermaking, and it is used as retention aid, filter aid, leveling agent, etc. in the process of pulping and papermaking. Enhancer and other auxiliary agents for papermaking. Improve the retention rate of fillers and pigments and the strength of paper.

(Anionic, cationic, non-ionic) The different functions of polyacrylamide in each link of the paper mill:

1. Anionic copolymers are mainly used as dry and wet strengthening agents and retention aids for paper.

2. The cationic copolymer is mainly used for papermaking wastewater treatment and filter aid. In addition, it also has a good effect on increasing the retention of fillers.

3. Non-ionic polyacrylamide is mainly used to improve the filterability of pulp, increase the strength of dry paper, and increase the retention rate of fibers and fillers.

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