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What are the functions of polyacrylamide in the paper industry? How is it used?

Polyacrylamide for the paper industry; the product is widely used, and can be used as a paper-making dispersant, a paper-making retention and drainage aid, and a paper-making wastewater treatment flocculant. It is necessary to choose polyacrylamide with different technical indicators under different use links.


For the selection of dispersive polyacrylamide in papermaking, anionic polyacrylamide with a molecular weight of 14-18 million is generally used; cationic polyacrylamide is needed in the retention and drainage process. It is recommended that the manufacturer use high-quality cationic, in this case, the filter aid effect It is better, and the amount of dosage used is relatively small; the selection of polyacrylamide in the papermaking wastewater treatment process should be selected according to the situation of the wastewater, the on-site wastewater treatment process, and the sludge dewatering equipment. Generally, the molecular weight is more than 9 million. The cationic polyacrylamide is used as a sludge dewatering agent.

Specifically, polyacrylamide can be used for pulping wastewater treatment and white water recovery, and other aspects are mainly used for pulping additives and improve dry strength, wet strength and filler retention. Especially in the treatment of papermaking wastewater, because papermaking industry wastewater has a large amount of water, a variety of types, and a high content of organic pollutants, it is one of the more difficult industrial wastewaters to treat. High-quality polyacrylamide can effectively purify effect.

Generally speaking, the use of polyacrylamide in papermaking is still more important. Whether it is dispersion, filtration, or flocculation, dewatering, choosing a suitable and applicable model is a factor that paper mills need to consider. In addition, when polyacrylamide is used in the field, because the properties of polyacrylamide produced by different manufacturers will be somewhat different, it is necessary for on-site technicians to select the appropriate polyacrylamide model according to the on-site situation, so that polyacrylamide can better play its role.

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