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The importance of polyacrylamide flocculant in the soda plant industry

Polyacrylamide plays a very important role in many industries. Similarly, polyacrylamide PAM also plays a very important role in the soda ash industry. The specific role is reflected in the following points:

The first production process in the soda industry is to prepare qualified refined brine, in which the calcium and magnesium impurity ions in the crude brine are removed to clarify the brine. The clarification effect of the brine plays a decisive role in the product quality of the soda ash. In addition to ensuring that an appropriate amount of qualified causticizing solution is added during the clarification process, it is also necessary to ensure that the precipitated molecules in the brine can be quickly and completely precipitated from the saline solution. We generally use the method of adding a settling agent to improve the clarification effect.


The precipitation principle of solid-liquid separation of crude calcium and magnesium salt water in the clarification tank is as follows: sedimentation relies on the cohesive force of polyacrylamide to cause calcium and magnesium particles in the water to settle quickly to achieve the process of rapid separation of effective components, which can effectively reduce The cost of the customer during the production process. Therefore, the sedimentation process is divided into gravity sedimentation and centrifugal sedimentation. The solid sedimentation process of the clarification barrel used in the production of brine workshop is a gravity sedimentation process. The clarification process of refined brine in the soda ash industry uses anionic polyacrylamide to settle. Guangdong Shouxin Environmental Protection Technology is a company that focuses on the selection of polyacrylamide in the soda ash industry. It can accurately help soda ash plant customers to use different raw materials to select the type according to the geographical location and select the polyacrylamide that is more suitable for the customer.

Soda plant polyacrylamide

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