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Correct selection method of polyacrylamide for coal washing

Polyacrylamide is used as a flocculant in coal washing. Many customers have encountered difficulties in the selection of polyacrylamide. In the process of coal washing, the impurities of the raw coal during the mining process are removed, thereby improving the quality of coal. Contains sulfur, gangue powder, etc.


Anionic polyacrylamide is commonly used to purify coal washing wastewater. When in use, add polyacrylamide PAM to the thickening tank to precipitate fine slime particles. Of course, depending on the water quality, cationic polyacrylamide with relatively low ionicity may sometimes be used. In the case of using cationic PAM. Polyacrylamide for coal washing.

There is also a headache for customers to choose the molecular weight of anionic polyacrylamide, ranging from 8 million to 18 million. How much molecular weight can save enterprise costs and achieve better results? This must be based on the water sample experiment to determine the better use model dosage. Polyacrylamide for coal washing.

It is generally believed that coal washing changes from deep coal to washing surface coal, and the degree of oxidation of the coal is greater. Makes the tail coal water sour, and the PH value is generally around 5. The price of polyacrylamide for coal washing wastewater. From the above, it is not difficult to find that experience can only be used as a reference. Any change in water quality is affected by external factors. Because polyacrylamide molecular chain contains a certain number of polar groups, it can absorb solid particles suspended in water to bridge between particles or make particles aggregate to form large flocs through charge neutralization. Therefore, anionic polyacrylamide can accelerate the sedimentation of particles in the suspension, and has a very obvious effect of speeding up the clarification of the solution and promoting filtration.

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