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Where are the specific applications of polyacrylamide for papermaking in the papermaking industry?

Paper industry wastewater is characterized by large water volume, various types, and high content of organic pollutants. It is one of the more difficult industrial wastewaters to treat. Polymer flocculants are mainly used for pulping wastewater treatment and white water recovery. Acrylamide and its derivatives. Other aspects are mainly used for pulping additives and their improvement of dry strength, wet strength and filler retention. The following Capitel Chemical will explain to you the specific application and selection of polyacrylamide in the paper industry, Polyacrylamide for papermaking.


1. Pulping wastewater treatment

The wastewater discharged from the pulping and papermaking process is generally divided into pulping wastewater, kraft pulp wastewater and semi-chemical paper wastewater; its main pollutants are: ①Suspended matter: mainly fibers and fiber fines; ②Easy biological explanation organic matter: mainly low molecular weight Hemicellulose, methanol, acetic acid, sugars, etc.; ③Refractory organic matter: mainly lignin and macromolecular carbohydrates contained in fiber raw materials; ④acid-base substances. Water treatment generally uses inorganic flocculants (aluminum sulfate, etc.) in conjunction with anionic polyacrylamide. Cationic polyacrylamide is generally used for sludge dewatering. Polyacrylamide for papermaking.

2. Papermaking white water recycling

The waste water from the press section is called papermaking white water. It is rich in fibers, inorganic fillers and various chemical additives added to the slurry. Generally speaking, inorganic flocculants (polyaluminum chloride) and anionic polyacrylamide are used in the recovery of white water. Or cationic polyacrylamide (CPAM), normal use of cationic polyacrylamide (air flotation treatment) is more.

3. Pulping additives

At present, papermaking retention and drainage aids are mainly polyacrylamides, and starch modified products are also available. Polyacrylamide is mostly cationic products, including powder and emulsion. At present, powdered polyacrylamide occupies the main market, and its advantages are low transportation cost and low dosage. The disadvantage is that it must be dissolved with water before use.

Polyacrylamide for papermaking

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