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Polyacrylamide for tailings treatment

Polyacrylamide for tailings treatment is a special flocculant for wastewater treatment. It is an organic polymer flocculant product, which can effectively clarify the tailings water, make the fine particles in the tailings water quickly aggregate and settle, and improve the work of the settlement tank effect Rate, so as to achieve the effects of saving water and preventing pollution, and further improve the company's efficiency.


A. Product performance:

1. Use polyacrylamide This product can play a unique flocculation and sedimentation effect in a small amount.

2. The reaction time of polyacrylamide and tailings water is short and the reaction speed is fast. The clumps are compact.

3. Polyacrylamide can be used for tailings settling, tailings settling, and tailings centrifugation.

B. Dosage:

The amount of polyacrylamide used in tailings treatment depends on the mineral quality, water quality and solid content of the tailings water in the dressing plant. Shouxinhua I recommends that when choosing acrylamide flocculants, first conduct small experiments, and then go to the factory-to-machine test to determine the product model and dosage.

C. How to use:

1. The solid powder product must be prepared into an aqueous solution before use. In order to prevent the appearance of "fish eyes" in the powder during the dissolution process, you can first add half a meter of warm water (not more than 60°C) in the dissolution tank.

2. Slowly add the powder under stirring, add water, and stir until completely dissolved. The concentration of the aqueous solution is generally 0.1-0.3%, and then diluted when used.

3. Use as much as possible for the current use. When adding the solution, use enough continuous addition mode to play the role of the product.

4. When disposing the pharmaceutical aqueous solution, it should be carried out in enamel galvanized aluminum products or plastic drums. Try to avoid it in iron containers. When dissolving, pay attention to adding the product evenly and slowly into the container with stirring.

5. Large lumps should be avoided, and the configuration solution is suitable for water at normal temperature or not higher than 60°C. The stirring blade must not have edges and corners, and the rotation speed is not too fast, otherwise it will cause degradation of the product and lose its effect.

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