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Coal washing wastewater treatment

Modern coal preparation plants generally use closed-circuit circulating water. In the production process, the amount of washing water increases continuously, which causes the area of the thickening tank to be insufficient. In order to accelerate the sedimentation speed of the fine coal slag, more polymer flocculants are added to decompose; The coal slag reacts to form larger flocs, which settle quickly, and clarify the black turbid water for recycling. At the same time, the coal powder is recycled, which eliminates external drainage and environmental pollution, which saves resources and reduces costs. Created economic and social benefits.


In addition, the slime of the sedimentation tank is pumped to the sludge tank in the dewatering machine room and then dewatered by the dewatering machine. The polymer flocculant should also be added during dewatering.

Application principle: The polymer flocculant polyacrylamide has chemical groups that can interact with certain parts of the surface of the colloidal particles, and can quickly destabilize by adsorption and bridging between colloids and fine suspended solids in the water, forming relatively large flocs Body and settle under the action of gravity.

Usage: The polymer is formulated into an aqueous solution of a certain concentration. The flocculant can be used alone, or can be used in combination with the inorganic flocculant polyaluminum chloride or polyferric sulfate, the effect is more obvious. Add polyaluminum chloride to the coal washing water and stir evenly, then add polyacrylamide and stir thoroughly.

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